Welcome to Woodport Netball Club.

We are a family friendly club consisting of teams from U7’s to Seniors. 
Additionally, we also have an activity/skills program for girls and boys aged 5 & 6 years which is a fun, safe, social netball skills program.

We welcome all new and existing players to our club who enjoy participating in sport and being part of our sporting community.

The Woodport Committee meets monthly. Please contact our Secretary if you have an item that you would like discussed. 

Just a few upcoming events:

29th April 2023 – First game of Netball for the season and March Past – Gosford Netball Association will have our March Past 7:00am, last year Woodport were lucky enough to win this out of all the clubs.  Theme is “Go for Gold”. If you are attending the march pass, wear something gold! WPNC will also have Gold dress up for team members.

11th May 2023 – Club rules night for Coaches, Managers, Umpires, Parents, Grandparents anyone is welcome. This will be held at GNA Club House Adcock Park at 7:00pm.

Email: wpnc.president@gmail.com

Please visit our Facebook page for up to date information – https://www.facebook.com/woodportnetball/

Please remind your Registrar’s that ALL DE-REGISTRATIONS need to be submitted as soon as possible for Netball NSW refunds by Friday 28th April.  GNA fees refunded if DO NOT TAKE THE COURT.  If there are any late registrations please note Registration Policy 1.1.4. below – to be submitted 7 days prior to playing taking the next scheduled competition day up to Week 5.

1.1.4     Any player/s who registers with the Association after the Association’s final Affiliation Day, may register with an Affiliated club at any time during the competition. An affiliated club may request a change to member status or player team placement after Affiliation Day. The Affiliated Club must submit a correctly completed Change Request form and lodge with the Association Secretary seven (7) days prior to the player taking part in the next scheduled competition game up to and including Week 5 and by Tuesday 5pm after Week 5 prior to the player taking part in the next scheduled competition game. Any player/s who wish to transfer between Affiliated Clubs and/or teams within an Affiliated Club at any time during the competition then the Affiliated Club must complete a transfer form and lodge with the Association Secretary prior to Week 5 7 days’ notice; after Week 5 by Tuesday 5pm prior to the player taking part in the next scheduled competition game.

1.1.5     A player affiliated after a team has been graded will be permitted to do so only with the approval of the Grading Convenor, after written approval of the majority of the Grading Committee.

All photo team sheets are to be submitted now, please email them through as soon as possible.  As per Registration Policy 1.1.6. all Photo Team sheets are to be submitted by Week 3.  A copy of the Photo Team Sheet is attached.

1.1.6     All junior and senior players who are participating in competition games are to provide a passport sized ID photo.  A new photo is to be supplied to the Club Registrar at ages 10, 15, 18 and thereafter at the discretion of the Club or Association Registrar.

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